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A2a Piper Cherokee

A2a Piper Cherokee: A Goldilocks Aeroplane

If you are looking for a flight simulator aircraft that is not too big and not too small, not too complex and not too simple, then you might want to check out the A2a Piper Cherokee. This aircraft is based on the real-world Piper Cherokee 180, a popular and versatile single-engine four-seater that has been in production since 1961. The A2a Piper Cherokee is a faithful recreation of this classic aircraft, with realistic flight dynamics, sounds, visuals, and systems. It also features Accu-sim, a technology that simulates the wear and tear of the aircraft, the effects of the environment, and the behavior of the pilot.

What is Accu-sim?

Accu-sim is a technology developed by A2a Simulations that aims to bring more realism and immersion to flight simulation. Accu-sim simulates the physical properties of the aircraft, such as weight, balance, aerodynamics, engine performance, fuel consumption, and more. It also simulates the effects of the environment on the aircraft, such as temperature, humidity, wind, icing, corrosion, and dirt. Furthermore, Accu-sim simulates the interaction between the pilot and the aircraft, such as pre-flight inspection, maintenance, failures, emergencies, and human factors. Accu-sim makes every flight unique and challenging, as you have to take care of your aircraft and deal with unexpected situations.

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What are the features of the A2a Piper Cherokee?

The A2a Piper Cherokee is a highly detailed and accurate representation of the real-world Piper Cherokee 180. Some of the features include:

  • A realistic flight model that matches the performance and handling of the real aircraft.

  • A high-quality 3D model with dynamic reflections, shadows, and lighting.

  • A fully functional cockpit with custom gauges, switches, knobs, and levers.

  • A custom sound system that captures the authentic sounds of the engine, propeller, airframe, and environment.

  • An interactive pre-flight inspection that allows you to check the condition of your aircraft before takeoff.

  • A maintenance hangar that allows you to repair and service your aircraft.

  • A persistent state system that saves the state of your aircraft between flights.

  • A dynamic weather system that affects the performance and condition of your aircraft.

  • A pilot record system that tracks your flight hours, achievements, and statistics.

Where can I get the A2a Piper Cherokee?

The A2a Piper Cherokee is available for different flight simulator platforms. You can choose from:


P3Dv2-5 Academic$49.99[Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (P3Dv2-5) A2A Simulations]

P3Dv2-5 Professional$79.99[Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (P3Dv2-5) A2A Simulations]

P3Dv2-5 Commercial$799.00[Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (P3Dv2-5) A2A Simulations]

P3Dv2-5 + FSX Academic Bundle$69.99[Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (P3Dv2-5 + FSX) Academic Bundle A2A Simulations]

P3Dv2-5 + FSX Professional Bundle$99.00[Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (P3Dv2-5 + FSX) Professional Bundle A2A Simulations]

FSX$49.99[Accu-sim Cherokee 180 (FSX) A2A Simulations]

You can also visit the [A2a Simulations website] to learn more about their products and services.


The A2a Piper Cherokee is a great choice for flight simulator enthusiasts who want to experience the joy and challenge of flying a realistic and immersive aircraft. The Piper Cherokee 180 is a versatile and reliable aircraft that can be used for various purposes, such as training, touring, or bush flying. The A2a Piper Cherokee captures the essence of this aircraft, with its accurate flight model, stunning visuals, authentic sounds, and advanced systems. With Accu-sim, you can also enjoy the added realism and immersion of managing the condition and maintenance of your aircraft, as well as dealing with the effects of the environment and human factors. The A2a Piper Cherokee is a Goldilocks aeroplane that is just right for any flight simulator fan.


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