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Survivors Beta: A Co-op Horror Game Inspired by Slender Man

Survivors Beta: A Co-op Horror Game Inspired by Slender Man

If you are a fan of horror games, you might have heard of Slender Man, a mysterious and terrifying creature that stalks you in the dark and tries to make you lose your sanity. Slender Man is the main antagonist of several popular games, such as Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival. But what if you could face Slender Man with your friends?

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That's the premise of Survivors Beta, a co-op horror game inspired by Slender Man. In this game, you and up to three other players can join forces to find all the pages hidden throughout a large forest map. But be careful, because two scary wolves are hunting you down, and they can teleport and jump out at you at any moment. These wolves are capable of producing jumpscares much worse than Slender Man himself.

Survivors Beta is a free game that you can download from the link below. You will need to install Log Me-in Hamachi to play with your friends online. You can also play with bots if you prefer. The game features a voice chat system, a spectator mode, a be slender mode, and a world record system. Survivors Beta is a thrilling and challenging game that will test your nerves and teamwork skills.

Are you ready to face your fears? Download Survivors Beta today and see if you can survive the night!

Download Survivors BetaIf you want to enjoy Survivors Beta to the fullest, you might want to check out some gameplay tips that can help you survive longer and have more fun. Here are some of them:

  • Use your flashlight wisely. Your flashlight is your best friend in the dark, but it also attracts the wolves' attention. You can turn it off by pressing F, and use it only when you need to see something or find a page. You can also use it to blind the wolves temporarily if they get too close.

  • Stick together with your friends. Survivors Beta is a co-op game, so teamwork is essential. You can communicate with your friends using the voice chat system, and help each other find the pages and escape the wolves. If one of you gets caught, you can try to save them by distracting the wolves or shining your flashlight at them.

  • Explore the map carefully. The map of Survivors Beta is huge and full of secrets. You can find pages in various locations, such as cabins, tents, cars, rocks, trees, etc. You can also find items that can help you, such as batteries, flares, guns, etc. Be careful though, some items might have a downside or a cooldown.

  • Don't panic. Survivors Beta is a scary game, but don't let fear get the best of you. If you panic, you might make mistakes or lose your sense of direction. Try to stay calm and focused, and remember that it's just a game. You can always quit or restart if you feel too overwhelmed.

Survivors Beta is a game that will test your courage and skills in a terrifying environment. If you follow these tips, you might have a better chance of surviving and having fun with your friends. Good luck! e0e6b7cb5c


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