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How to Download and Install Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver (Custom).exe on Your PC

How to Download and Install Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver (Custom).exe on Your PC

If you want to use your Xbox 360 controller on your PC, you need to install the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver (Custom).exe. This is a custom driver that allows you to use the controller with any PC game that supports it. Here are the steps to download and install the driver on your PC:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver (Custom).exe Download Pc

  • Go to this link and click on the "Download" button. You will see a list of options for different versions of Windows. Choose the one that matches your system and click on "Next".

  • Save the file to your preferred location on your PC. The file name should be "Xbox360_64Eng.exe" or "Xbox360_32Eng.exe" depending on your system.

  • Run the file and follow the instructions on the screen. You may need to accept the license agreement and choose a destination folder for the driver.

  • Once the installation is complete, plug in your Xbox 360 controller to your PC using a USB cable. You should see a notification that the device is ready to use.

  • Launch your favorite PC game that supports the Xbox 360 controller and enjoy!

Note: This driver is not an official Microsoft product and is not endorsed by them. Use it at your own risk. If you encounter any problems with the driver, you can uninstall it from the "Programs and Features" section of your Control Panel.Benefits of Using Xbox 360 Controller on PC

Using an Xbox 360 controller on your PC can enhance your gaming experience and give you more options to play different types of games. Here are some of the benefits of using an Xbox 360 controller on PC:

  • You can enjoy a more comfortable and ergonomic grip than using a mouse and keyboard. The Xbox 360 controller is designed to fit your hands and has responsive buttons, triggers, and analog sticks.

  • You can play games that are optimized for controllers, such as platformers, racing games, and fighting games. Some PC games even recommend using a controller for better gameplay and performance.

  • You can use a wireless Xbox 360 controller with a charge cable to avoid the hassle of batteries and wires. A charge cable allows you to use the controller without batteries and also charges it while you play. This way, you can have more freedom of movement and less clutter on your desk[^1^].

  • You can easily switch between your PC and your Xbox 360 console with the same controller. You just need to sync the controller with the device you want to use it with. This saves you time and money from buying separate controllers for each device.

As you can see, using an Xbox 360 controller on your PC has many advantages. If you want to try it out, follow the steps in the previous section to download and install the driver on your PC.How to Troubleshoot Xbox 360 Controller on PC

Sometimes, you may encounter some issues with your Xbox 360 controller on PC, such as the controller not being recognized, not functioning correctly, or not connecting wirelessly. Here are some tips to troubleshoot these common problems:

If your controller is not recognized by your PC, try plugging it into a different USB port, and make sure you have installed the latest driver from this link. You can also uninstall and reinstall the driver by following these steps[^3^]:

  • Open Device Manager and expand the Xbox 360 Peripherals category.

  • Right-click on the driver and select Properties.

  • Click on the Driver tab and click on Uninstall.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the driver.

  • Restart your PC and connect your controller again.

If your controller is not functioning correctly, such as having joystick drift, calibration issues, or buttons not responding as expected, try power cycling your controller by pressing and holding the Xbox button for 5-10 seconds until it turns off, then turning it back on. You can also update your controller firmware by following these steps[^2^]:

  • Connect your controller to your PC with a USB cable.

  • Open the Xbox Accessories app on your PC. If you don't have it, you can download it from this link.

  • Select your controller and click on the three dots button.

  • Select Firmware version and click on Update now.

  • Wait for the update to complete and disconnect your controller.

If your controller is not connecting wirelessly to your PC, make sure you have a wireless gaming receiver that is compatible with your controller. You can buy one from this link. To connect your controller wirelessly, follow these steps[^1^]:

  • Insert batteries into your controller and turn it on by pressing the Xbox button.

  • Plug the wireless gaming receiver into a USB port on your PC. A green light will indicate that it is working.

  • Press the sync button on the top of the controller. The Xbox button will start flashing rapidly.

  • Press the sync button on the receiver. The light will flash green.

  • Wait for the Xbox button on your controller to stop flashing and remain on. This means that your controller is connected to your PC.

If none of these tips work, you may need to replace your controller. You can request a replacement from this link. e0e6b7cb5c


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