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The various dance forms in Indian tradition have their unique songs. These songs are composed of various ragas and compositions to suit the temper of the dance forms. Being a South Indian dance form, most of the songs that are used in Bharatanatyam are written in South Indian.

Although there are various songs now used in Bharatanatyam dance form like Western songs, various Hindu songs but this article will exclusively deal with the songs which were traditionally used in Bharatanatyam and are most common.

This is one of the most significant songs which is used in the Bharatanatyam dance form. This song is specifically used to dedicate a dance to Lord Ganesha who is considered to remove all the obstacles from the path of humankind. There are various mudras and postures which are used to devote to representing this form of dance in Bharatanatyam. This song is in the Sanskrit language and holds on to the essence of Indian traditions and cultures. This is a song that a dancer performs mainly to start a show with an ode to God. It is an extremely important ritual while performing any Classical dance form.

This is a very popular Bharatanatyam song that is used in this Classical dance form. This is one of the most interesting songs which has been written in the Tamil language. This Bharatanatyam song depicts the conversation between a mother and a child. This song brings out the essence of motherly essence, love, and affection for her child. This song comprises of the truest relation which exists on earth and depicts the best relation of the world through the most elegant form of dance. In this song, Lord Krishna is assumed to be a female character whereby compassion and care form the most significant theme.

This Bharatanatyam song represents the theme of the various moods of Goddess Meenakshi. This is also a very famous song on which the dance is performed. The dance form- Bharatanatyam is based on the South Indian culture. This is the reason why most of the songs used traditionally for Bharatanatyam is written on various South Indian Gods and Goddesses. This song hence brings out various moods which are mostly done through various postures and hand gestures in this Classical dance form.

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Listening to inspiring songs and music are great ways to inspire a growth mindset in your children or students. When you play songs with encouraging lyrics you can lift up the mood, bring smiles, and increase motivation!

Add some interest to your Social Studies curriculum by supplementing your lesson plans with Multicultural Songs! Whether you need educational music for teaching about diversity, songs from around the world or songs for embracing our differences, you'll find a varied selection below. These Multicultural Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

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Some kids are auditory learners. In other words, they learn best when they listen to sounds and music. For this type of student, educational songs will certainly be a big helping hand. Even the most complex of concepts, when taught through songs, will be very easy for them to understand and remember. Even kids who are not so much inclined to auditory learning may like this method.



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