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How to Use Asmaco Spray Paint Msds Pdf 213 Ausgabe Ubersetzter

How to Use Asmaco Spray Paint Msds Pdf 213 Ausgabe Ubersetzter

Asmaco spray paint is a high-quality product that can be used for various purposes, such as painting metal, wood, plastic, and other surfaces. However, before using Asmaco spray paint, you need to read and understand the material safety data sheet (MSDS) pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter, which contains important information about the product's hazards, precautions, and instructions.

Asmaco Spray Paint Msds Pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter

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The MSDS pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter is a document that provides the German translation of the original MSDS pdf 213 in English. The MSDS pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter can be downloaded from the Asmaco website or scanned from the product label using a QR code reader. The MSDS pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter contains the following sections:

  • Product and company identification: This section gives the name, address, and contact details of the manufacturer and supplier of Asmaco spray paint.

  • Hazard identification: This section describes the potential health and environmental effects of exposure to Asmaco spray paint, as well as the classification and labeling of the product according to the European Union regulations.

  • Composition/information on ingredients: This section lists the chemical components of Asmaco spray paint and their concentration, CAS number, and hazard symbols.

  • First-aid measures: This section provides the recommended actions to take in case of inhalation, skin contact, eye contact, or ingestion of Asmaco spray paint.

  • Fire-fighting measures: This section advises on the suitable extinguishing media, protective equipment, and special hazards of Asmaco spray paint in case of fire.

  • Accidental release measures: This section outlines the precautions and methods to clean up spills or leaks of Asmaco spray paint.

  • Handling and storage: This section specifies the safe handling and storage conditions for Asmaco spray paint, such as ventilation, temperature, humidity, and compatibility with other materials.

  • Exposure controls/personal protection: This section indicates the exposure limits, engineering controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to use when working with Asmaco spray paint.

  • Physical and chemical properties: This section describes the physical and chemical characteristics of Asmaco spray paint, such as appearance, odor, boiling point, flash point, flammability, solubility, and density.

  • Stability and reactivity: This section evaluates the stability and reactivity of Asmaco spray paint under normal and extreme conditions, such as temperature, pressure, light, moisture, and incompatible substances.

  • Toxicological information: This section summarizes the toxicological effects of Asmaco spray paint on humans and animals based on available data from laboratory tests and clinical studies.

  • Ecological information: This section assesses the ecological impact of Asmaco spray paint on the environment based on available data from biodegradation tests and aquatic toxicity studies.

  • Disposal considerations: This section recommends the proper disposal methods for Asmaco spray paint and its containers according to local regulations.

  • Transport information: This section provides the transport classification and labeling of Asmaco spray paint according to international regulations for road, rail, sea, and air transport.

  • Regulatory information: This section lists the relevant laws and regulations that apply to Asmaco spray paint in different countries and regions.

  • Other information: This section contains any additional or supplementary information that is not covered in the previous sections.

By reading and following the MSDS pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter carefully, you can ensure that you use Asmaco spray paint safely and effectively. If you have any questions or concerns about Asmaco spray paint or its MSDS pdf 213 ausgabe ubersetzter, please contact the manufacturer or supplier for further assistance. 0efd9a6b88


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