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Life Is Strange 2 ((EXCLUSIVE))

One of the game's main themes is education: Sean must be a role model for Daniel, who will learn from Sean and follow what he does. Ultimately, Daniel's actions and personality are tied to the player's decisions throughout the game.[24] While Daniel's telekinetic powers are not the game's focus, its inclusion allows players to understand the consequences of their actions, such as how Daniel utilizes his powers is directly linked to how Sean nurtures him. The game's ending is reflective of what Daniel learns from Sean throughout the five episodes. The team did not create a perfect ending for the characters because such an ending is often non-existent in the real world.[25] To ensure that the educational aspect of the game is genuine, the team read books and documents produced by psychologists and sociologists to gain more insight.[24] The team also spent an extensive amount of time developing Daniel's artificial intelligence to ensure that he is "believable, sensible, and sometimes super-cute". The developers recognised that brotherly bonding is rarely perfect and relationships between siblings can be tense. Sean, as a teenager, wants to find people around him to develop his own life and does not want his younger brother around him. Throughout the game, players need to balance Sean's personal interests, like spending time with the new characters Sean meets, with caring for Daniel. The team spent a lot of time finding the right balance to ensure that the relationship between the two brothers are not obnoxious and that players do not grow to dislike Sean as the story progresses. Cano used his own personal experience interacting with his elder brother and daughter while developing the brotherhood relationship between Sean and Daniel, as well as the educational aspect of the game.[26]

Life is Strange 2

After the sudden death of his father in the hands of a police officer and said officer ending up dead by inexplicable reasons, Sean Diaz flees his hometown in Seattle, USA, along with his brother, Daniel, fearing separation and being accused of a crime they did not commit. With barely any resources and Daniel not knowing what happened to his father, the brothers sleep in the streets and spend one night in the forest. The next morning, Sean and Daniel make a stop at a gas station to get supplies and are recognized by the owner, who holds Sean captive and calls the police. Sean escapes capture with the help of Daniel, and the brothers find help in a stranger named Brody. Sean discusses his situation with Brody and decides to get out of the country and go to Puerto Lobos, Mexico, his father's hometown, and to tell Daniel the truth about their father. Brody gets the brothers a motel room and parts ways with them. In the motel room, Daniel angrily manifests telekinetic powers after finding out about his father's death before Sean can tell him. Sean manages to calm him down, and the next morning, the brothers take a bus towards the south.

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If you can reach Mexico you will be safe, but the journey will be winding, filled with joy, awe, and danger. This trip of a lifetime will bond Sean and Daniel forever... or tear their brotherhood apart. 041b061a72


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