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now that autodesk has recently launched the free version of autocad, some have been quick to declare the free version dead as the once free software is now mostly licensed and is only for non-commercial use. if you have an individual license for autocad, you dont need to worry as long as youre a student and youre using it on campus.

that tool is named the selection tool. there are many things you can do. for example, you can select an area and scale it so that it looks like the image (figure 5-6). you can also rotate, translate, or reshape the selected area.

to access the scene properties dialog box, choose options add-ins, models and scenes, and click scenes scene properties. this example shows how to create a new scene. to define a new scene, right-click the project node and click new scene. to display the dialog box, drag the scene properties node into the model browser.

you can also create a layout that allows you to alternate between the building and the landscape views. to access the options, choose the layout tab, and then click structure. at the bottom of the structure tab, click alternating. these example options are provided, but you can create your own options. 3d9ccd7d82


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