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From a schematic standpoint, the Ravens take advantage of Ngata's versatile skill set by aligning him in various spots along the line. He will line up anywhere from the one-technique (outside shade of the center) to the five-technique (outside shade of the offensive tackle) to exploit a favorable match up. In addition, the Ravens routinely incorporate him into stunts and twists to put opponents in a quandary deciding how to pass off defenders in pass protection. If blockers spend too much time with Ngata on his upfield move, a looping rusher comes free on the inside for an unimpeded sack. If opponents bypass Ngata on the outside loop in anticipation of the inside rusher, he simply splits the crack and walks into an easy quarterback sack. This video clip clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the Ravens' twist game with Ngata.

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In traffic, Martin displays sneaky elusiveness and wiggle. He frequently avoids multiple defenders with nifty cuts and stop-start moves. Although his movements appear a bit unorthodox or herky-jerky at first glance, Martin's exceptional balance and body control stand out on tape. It is not uncommon to see Martin escape a crowd with two or three defenders in the hole, and his elusiveness makes him a big-play threat when he reaches the second level.

Williams, a third-year pro with 161 catches and 19 touchdowns in 40 starts, is a big-bodied playmaker with extraordinary hands and receiving skills. At 6-foot-2, 212 pounds, he boasts an enviable combination of athleticism, body control and balance. Williams regularly comes down with the tough catch while displaying ballerina-like footwork near the sideline. He also shows rare awareness for a young pass catcher. Those skills have allowed him to thrive against defenders on the opposite side of Jackson.

A strained silence followed, and a full twominutes passed without any one speaking. Thenthe corporal glanced at his cousin. The latter wassitting in his bunk, staring straight before him, witha troubled look in his eyes. He moved as thecorporal looked at him, and as their eyes met, helaughed in a grating way.

The Indian did not speak, but pointed silentlyat the snow, and looking down the corporal saw[188]the unmistakable trail of snowshoes. The trackswere quite fresh, and were so unexpected thatBracknell was himself astonished. He stared atthem as Crusoe must have stared when he foundthe footprints on the shore of his island. Whohad left that tell-tale trail? Perhaps a wanderingIndian. Maybe some solitary prospector caughtby winter, or possibly the man whom he was seeking,the murderer of Rolf Gargrave. His heartbeat quickly at the thought and, still staring at thetrail which came down the bank of the creek andthen turned away from the river, he considered thematter carefully, and then gave instructions.


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