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The Five Leading Industries Which Will Fuel Blockchain Growth REPACK

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The hydrogen and fuel cell market has come under increased media spotlight in the past few years as policymakers around the globe use energy transition as an important stepping stone on the road to zero emissions. Hydrogen-powered battery packs or fuel cells, which produce electricity and emit water and heat, are starting to dominate discussions around possible alternatives to fossil fuels. According to a report by research firm Fortune Business Insights, the global hydrogen generation market will reach $220 billion in value by 2028.

Central to our vision is the promotion of a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace. Our strategic focus on cyber power is not about stoking conflict or setting the UK up to win a zero-sum game. As the Integrated Review identifies, a world in which open societies and economies can flourish is the best guarantor of our future prosperity, sovereignty and security. The UK will work with like-minded nations to promote our shared values of openness and democracy, pursuing a responsible, democratic approach to cyber power. This means that in working towards these five strategic goals we will apply the following principles:

A commitment to keeping the UK at the cutting edge on cyber. The government will be investing 2.6 billion in cyber and legacy IT over the next three years. This is in addition to significant investment in the National Cyber Force announced in Spending Review 2020 (SR20). It includes a 114 million increase in the National Cyber Security Programme; and is alongside increases in investment also announced in research and development (R&D), intelligence, defence, innovation, infrastructure and skills, all of which will contribute in part to UK cyber power. Investment in cyber announced in SR20 and Spending Review 2021 (SR21) far exceeds the 1.9 billion over five years committed to the previous strategy.[footnote 19]

A cyber sector that has achieved greater than average global growth year on year, including through trade and cyber exports. We will help cyber businesses to access new markets at home and overseas by supporting world-leading flagship cyber events in the UK and inviting our most innovative cyber businesses to participate in trade missions and international cyber fairs. And we will use public sector procurement more effectively and establish a comprehensive directory of NCSC accredited providers to encourage the demand for high quality cyber security products and services.

Global governance of cyberspace and the internet is protecting UK interests and values, with the UK and our partners having greater influence over the development and implementation of international governance and standards frameworks. We will take a more progressive and proactive approach to shaping the frameworks that govern cyberspace to promote global economic growth and security. We will design and deliver practical steps that unblock the international debate on the application of rules, norms and principles in cyberspace and move it towards a consensus on effective constraints on destructive and destabilising activity. We will do this through key regional and specialist organisations including the OSCE, ASEAN and the GFCE and engage constructively with the UN process to develop a new international cyber crime treaty which sits alongside the Budapest Convention, ensuring that it strengthens international cooperation and maintains human rights protections. 1e1e36bf2d


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