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Wii Monster Hunter 3 Tri Iso

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Wii Monster Hunter 3 Tri Iso

thats especially apparent from the onset, where monster hunter generations ultimate was a culmination of years of improvement in the series, adding a ton of new systems and features to the mix. and while rise isnt going to compete with world in terms of sheer quantity of content or cuteness factor, it delivers on the promise of a new start for the series by putting emphasis on fine-tuning the core monster hunter gameplay, streamlining the scope of a hunt so you can focus on doing the most damage and crafting the best gear, and giving you more control over your monster to allow for better exploration and a deeper sense of satisfaction. (it also included a two-player cooperative mode for the first time in the series.)

its a decent accomplishment, but theres a good argument to be made that it doesnt really feel like a new entry. thats because monster hunter is still a game about hunting gigantic, majestic creatures, and the joys and frustrations of that hunt are intact. i could find a few moments of satisfaction in rise, but they werent particularly thrilling, and the improvements werent really enough to make me want to keep playing. its a good start for a new monster hunter, and i hope it lives up to its potential, but i also hope the series can somehow evolve beyond its current very specific niche.

my biggest issue with rise is that it doesnt even seem aware that its part of a new series. its an old-fashioned monster hunter game that tries to take the series in a more modern direction, but it lacks the confidence to be self-aware about it. the monsters, weapons, and armor are all familiar, even if the setting is a bit different, and hunters have all the toys theyve ever had. add in poor ui design, the standard, less-than-stellar voice acting, and the traditional clunky, linear campaign structure, and rise is a well-crafted middle-of-the-road game that doesn't even seem to want to be better than that. and for a series that strives to be so much more than a run-of-the-mill hunting game, that's a problem. 3d9ccd7d82


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