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[S1E5] End Of Honor

[S1E5] End Of Honor ===

[S1E5] End Of Honor

She summons Criston once Viserys and Rhaenyra return to King's Landing. There's been rumors of a "lapse of morals," she explains, and Criston starts to spill his guts. This catches Alicent entirely off-guard, as the possibility that Rhaenyra slept with anyone besides Daemon hadn't even crossed her mind. "My oath has been broken, I have dishonored myself, I deserve no consideration," Criston says. Alicent is struck, not by Criston's betrayal but by Rhaenyra's deception. Alicent sold out her father because she wanted to believe her best friend wasn't lying to her. She dismisses Criston with no punishment.

A fight erupts. It's not Daemon taking Rhaenyra by force, but rather Criston beating Joffrey's face into a bloody pulp. He is a man of honor, after all; deception is not something he takes lightly. He kills Joffrey, exits the castle, unsheathes his dagger, and prepares to end his life. It's Alicent who stops him. He can be of use to her.

In the Red Keep, Lord Varys meets with Eddard. Varys tells him that the king is a fool and will soon be dead unless Ned can save him. Ned wants to know why Varys is telling him this now. Varys tells him he had to be sure Ned could be trusted. He calls Ned an honorable and true man, maybe the only one in the city. He also confirms that Jon Arryn was assassinated with a poison called the Tears of Lys because he "started asking questions".

Eddard states that this act would be dishonorable, cowardly, and beneath their dignity. The other members of the council: Pycelle, Renly, Littlefinger and Varys, all concur that Daenerys must die for the good of the realm. King Robert orders Ned to enact the order. He refuses and resigns as the Hand of the King, to Robert's utter disbelief and fury.

Jaime threatens to kill him but Ned points out that if he does, Tyrion will die as well. Jaime acknowledges that this is true, so he says he will settle for killing Eddard's men instead. Ned's two guards, Heward and Wyl, are killed by Lannister spearmen in the opening seconds of the fight. In response, Ned and Jory fight and kill six of the Lannister soldiers. Jory engages Jaime but is quickly killed when Jaime stabs him through the eye with a dagger. Furious, Ned crosses swords with Jaime. Jaime is shocked and then exhilarated when the older Ned is not as easily defeated as he expected. However, Jaime gradually starts to grow worried as Ned's high level of skill becomes apparent. Just as they are ready to clash again, a Lannister guardsman steps in and stabs Eddard through the leg with a spear, disabling him. Jaime is annoyed at the dishonorable interruption and knocks out the guardsman. He departs, telling Ned he wants his brother back.

Eddard Stark: "I will have no part in it."Robert: "You're the King's Hand, Lord Stark. You'll do as I command, or I'll find me a hand who will!"Eddard: (takes off the Hand of the King's badge) "And good luck to him. I thought you were a better man."Robert: "Out. Out, damn you. I'm done with you. Go, run back to Winterfell! I'll have your head on a spike! [Continues to shout after Eddard as he leaves the room] I'll put it there myself, you fool! You think you're too good for this! Too proud and honorable! THIS IS A WAR!"

Later he explained that he wanted to be the president who brokered peace in the Middle East. He wanted to give energy independence to the next generation. That's honorable, but I'm not sure bombing Iran would actually help make it a reality.

In the end, Elizabeth has the great honor of firing Mr. Bollings. He admits that he wanted a military solution as he believes that was the only way to respond; anything else showed weakness. Then he drops his own nuclear bomb. He claims that Vincent Marsh would have been the next President and he would have had Elizabeth's job.

President Dalton is definitely an interesting character. On one hand, he seems honorable, but he also has a short fuse. He is comf


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