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Does International Diamond Center Buy Jewelry

Looking to sell jewelry, such as a diamond ring or engagement ring? Wondering where to sell jewelry or who buys jewelry near you? International Diamond Center might just be the best place to sell jewelry. Here are the four options we offer:

does international diamond center buy jewelry

Bring your unwanted jewelry, diamonds, watches or gold to one of our locations and have one of our highly trained graduate gemologists or trusted numismatic experts examine your item(s). Our buyer will then make you a cash offer to purchase your item(s).

At International Diamond Center, we buy all types of jewelry, so whether you are looking to sell an engagement ring, sell a Rolex, sell a diamond ring, or are simply looking for jewelry stores that buy quality jewelry near you, we are the jeweler to trust. Make an appointment now to have your jewelry inspected, learn our offers, and select the offer that's right for you.

In addition to being your local diamond experts, we employ a team of highly trained graduate gemologists and trusted numismatic experts offering the maximum return for your unwanted jewelry, diamonds, watches and gold for nearly 40 years. We provide our customers with in-person professional consultations, top value for their treasured pieces and quick and secure transactions.

*Our Lifetime Value Upgrade policy applies to loose diamonds (center diamond), diamond solitaire rings, diamond stud earrings and diamond solitaire pendants. It does not apply to mountings, wedding bands and fashion jewelry. This policy applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

International Diamond Center (IDC) is a premier jewelry retailer in the Florida and Georgia areas. IDC has been in business for over thirty-five years and is now an industry leader in exceptional fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings. In 2019, Hatfield Media was privileged to join in those efforts by providing a spectrum of digital marketing services.

I can't believe the service and the jewelry deals that this jewelry store has. It's unbelievable! My favorite are there selection of diamond rings and stackable bands. I brought some for my daughters and they love them!

I had such a great time shopping here! I bought some diamond earrings for myself. And I'm so happy with how they look on me. Their gemstone jewelry that they have are beautiful. I'm thinking of buying some later.

However, there tends to be one noticeable difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds: price. "Lab-grown diamonds are a great choice for keepsake jewelry and engagement rings, because you can usually get a larger and better quality stone for a lower price," says Rosen.

In contrast, U.S. re-exports of natural and synthetic gemstones decreased by $3.7 billion (18 percent), overshadowing the increase in domestic exports. Re-exports of diamonds (those exported in substantially the same condition as when imported) fell by $3.4 billion (18 percent) to $15.3 billion. The quantity of re-exports of diamonds dropped by 27 percent to 7,356 carats, although the unit value increased by 11 percent. Growth in global retail sales of diamonds was dampened in 2015 by uncertainties along the production chain, including reports of the shaky financial standing of certain processors (cutters and polishers) in Israel; layoffs and shutdowns among processors in India; shifting consumer preferences for luxury goods (toward high-technology personal electronics and away from precious jewelry); unprecedented purchase deferrals allowed by De Beers on offers of its uncut diamonds; the slowing of the Chinese economy; and the global summer stock market slump.4

General imports of natural and synthetic gemstones slid by $1.1 billion (4 percent). The quantity decrease was small (down by 5 percent), but still overshadowed the slight rise in the average unit value of the imported gemstones (up only 1 percent) which was attributable to higher value-added import mix. Due to the drop in re-exports of imported diamonds, a larger supply of imported diamonds was available to meet the relatively robust domestic demand for diamond jewelry.17

"The stock markets have told DeBeers to get rid of its stockpile, which doesn't earn it any money if it's just sitting in the vault, and along comes this conflict-diamond campaign at just the right moment," says a manager of a large state-owned diamond mine in southern Africa, who asked not to be named.

Depending on which estimates are used, blood diamonds represent 4 to 15 percent of the world's $6.8 billion annual diamond production. The stones are mined by rebel groups to buy guns and fund wars against democratically elected, internationally recognized governments.

For the campaign against blood diamonds to be truly effective, reliable, internationally accepted tracking standards must replace country-by-country approaches led by industry working with weak governments, Yearsley and other activists say.

Such a system would have to engage staff and systems in mines, in government diamond evaluators' offices, in customs offices, in diamond polishing and jewelry manufacture, and in jewelry stores - a web reaching all the way from gem lodes in the earth to the counters of Wal-Mart, the biggest diamond buyer in the US.

Global Witness is campaiging for an international treaty that will make those distinctions in diamonds, ban the import of uncertified diamonds, and impose technical requirements and an "audit trail" for identifying, certifying, shipping, importing, and selling the stones.

Van Bockstael calls the Sierra Leone system "the first of an evolution" in devising an international diamond monitoring system, but added that it will not be completely refined until the UN passes an international convention on diamond certification, something he considers imminent.

Clients in the jewelry industry face challenges unlike those of other businesses. Domestic and international manufacturers, wholesalers of precious metals and diamond jewelry, and dealers in loose diamonds benefit from working with professionals experienced in advising domestic and international jewelry businesses and their owners. 041b061a72


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