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NVIDIA Gaming HD Live Wallpaper

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NVIDIA Gaming HD Live Wallpaper

I have been looking for animated wallpapers for windows 10. With everything this O S can do, they apparently neglected this service. What a disappointment. The available images seem to be limited to computerized designs. What happened to live image video photography The still shots continue to be excellent. Am I mistaken

Live wallpapers might not be as impressive or common as they once were, but fans of the Fallout universe might want to give this one a look. Bethesda and NVIDIA joined forces to create a nifty Fallout 4 bobblehead live wallpaper. It's free and it works on all devices.

I'm developing a Live Wallpaper using OpenGL ES 3.0. I've set up according to the excellent tutorial at -to-use-opengl-es-2-in-an-android-live-wallpaper/, adapting GLSurfaceView and using it inside the Live Wallpaper.

Maybe because, I've used live wallpapers in the past and every time a client opened up the wallpaper paused so it can reduce my ram and CPU usage. But having anything running in the background will slow your PC down a bit. I would like to say, that it uses a fare bit of memory though but I think your PC performance wont have a major effect with live wallpapers running.

Turning off a live wallpaper on an Android device is a piece of cake. If you no longer want to use a Wallpaper Engine wallpaper, you can easily remove it by setting a new wallpaper through your Android settings.

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