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In fact, there is only one Texas state law on the books specifically regarding u-turns. This law is found in the Traffic Code and applies to the visibility of the driver. It states that u-turns may be made legally as long as you are able to see at least 500 feet in the direction of oncoming traffic. In other words, if you are unable to see approaching traffic, it is neither safe nor legal to make a u-turn.


That said, many cities in Texas have their own ordinances which may limit u-turns in specific areas. Unfortunately, these regulations are not typically posted. Regardless of whether or not u-turns are allowed in a particular location, certain rules of safe driving still apply to making a u-turn in Texas.

These safe driving rules and regulations make it easy to see why most u-turn accidents in Texas are the fault of the driver making the u-turn. While u-turns can be convenient and save you a little bit of time, in high traffic areas, it can be tough to make a u-turn safely. 041b061a72

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