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Empire Earth [Portable] Game Download


Empire Earth [Portable] Game Download

Empire Earth is a real-time strategy game that spans half a million years of world history. Beginning at the dawn of time with the prehistoric age the aim of the game is to build your very own civilazation create an empire and conquer all others. Employ smart strategical tactics during times of war to gain success and ultimate dominance.

The gameplay of Empire Earth requires the player to collect resources required to construct buildings leading to the birth of a civilaztion. Many diferent epochs are available to evolve through. Starting with the prehistoric and stone ages through to the Renaissance and into the digital and nano ages an epic span of 500000 years is completely playable. Depending on the age in which you find yourself differing units of warfare such as archers will evolve into your tactical plans. There are numerous playable empires some of which include Ancient Greek British Empire and Byzantine.

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This concept gets across an imperial theme quite nicely, but it also simplifies things too much. Basically, the standard dozen or so civs typically tricked out with all sorts of varied units and specialties have been swapped out for what amounts to a measly three of them that play a lot like one another anyhow. West and East are structured similarly, with builders constructing traditional Western city centers and Eastern ministries, warehouses, barracks, stables, and so forth. Only the Middle East stands out somewhat, and this is mostly just for portable buildings that can be unpacked without the assistance or any sort of worker unit. You need to get into the future era to notice anything interesting with these sides, as that's when you start seeing ideas like the Middle East's cloaked factory and camouflaged revolutionary guard, and the East's bioengineered units like the supersoldier and hulking mutant. Despite these variances, the styles of play are nearly identical no matter what part of the globe your empire calls home. You need to make accommodations for the blatant specialties noted in the paragraph above (which basically means you need to build cavalry with the Middle Easterners, research a lot of tech with the Westerners, and crank out the infantry with the Easterners), but aside from that this is all about the same old base building, resource gathering, and army rushing.

Still, most of your time is spent in repetitive conquests of provinces occupied by minor tribes drawn from all of history. These battles cannot be auto-resolved as can scraps with the other empires in the game, so you spend an incredible amount of time building the same base and army to slaughter the same packs of heathens over and over again. Objectives are a bit varied in that you often hook up with tribal allies or need to win over a new friend by doing him or her a favor, but they pretty much always come down to you needing to build a big army to wipe somebody out.

This is a list of games for Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game console made available to download from the PlayStation Store on PSP and PlayStation 3 (PS3), and in some cases on PlayStation Vita (PSV) and PlayStation TV (PSTV). While all have been playable on PSP, none have been playable on PS3, and PSV and PSTV support has varied among titles. This list does not include other titles made downloadable on PSP, namely PlayStation Minis or PSOne Classics. It also does not include PSP titles made available for download on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

List of the 807 PSP games avail


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