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Rede Ministerial Guia Do Participante Pdf Downloadl

Rede Ministerial Guia Do Participante Pdf Downloadl

Rede Ministerial is a network of churches and ministries that aims to help people discover their unique profile of servant, based on their passion, spiritual gifts and personal style. The Rede Ministerial Guide for Participants is a PDF document that contains all the notes and activities that participants need to identify these three elements of their servant profile. It also helps them understand God's design for the church and their role within it.

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The Rede Ministerial Guide for Participants is part of the Rede Ministerial program, which consists of four sessions of discovery: Session 1: Discovering Your Passion; Session 2: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts; Session 3: Discovering Your Personal Style; and Session 4: Discovering Your Ministry. Each session has a video presentation, a group discussion and a personal application. The guide provides the participants with the necessary information and exercises to follow along and complete the program.

The Rede Ministerial Guide for Participants can be downloaded for free from the website of Rede Ministerial. It is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English languages. The guide is also compatible with mobile devices and can be viewed online or offline. The guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the Rede Ministerial videos, which can be accessed from the same website or from YouTube. The videos are also subtitled in different languages.

The Rede Ministerial program is based on the biblical principles of servanthood, stewardship and teamwork. It helps participants discover their unique contribution to the body of Christ and how they can serve God and others with joy and effectiveness. The program also encourages participants to connect with other believers who share their passion, gifts and style, and to form ministry teams that can fulfill God's purposes for the church.

The Rede Ministerial Guide for Participants is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God and serve Him according to their design. It is also a useful tool for church leaders who want to equip and empower their members for ministry. By downloading the guide, participants can start their journey of discovery and find their place in God's plan.


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