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City Council just named the interview finalists for the position of Austin's city manager, and to the chagrin of conspiracy theorists everywhere, they are two external candidates: San Antonio Deputy City Manager Jelynne Burley and Fort Worth Assistant City Manager Marc Ott. The decision came after council picked the matter back up in today's executive session, after being unable to reach consensus during their specially called meeting yesterday. It sounds as if debate over how to proceed may be responsible for the delay. Today, Council Member Jennifer Kim has made calls for a public vetting of the candidates, and it sounds like search firm Arcus agrees. Their Doug Firestone suggested a "public meet-and-greet this coming Tuesday evening" would be appropriate, "someplace with free parking." The next day, Wednesday, Jan. 16, council's still posted for additional interviews and deliberation, but it's unclear whether the city legal department's answered the question of whether they'll be able to announce their decision and hire by the council meeting the following day (Thursday, Jan. 17), due to the necessity of contract negotiations. Still, Mayor Will Wynn (whose office has led the search) optimistically opined council will "go ahead and post for potential action for that week's City Council meeting." So, to repeat: Council picks two outside finalists, preps for meet-and-greet next week, wants to announce hire then too, but we'll see.UPDATE: Pasted after the jump is the city's press release on its selections. And if you haven't ogled it already, here's Beside the Point's rundown of the candidates in today's print edition.

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In response to anecdotal concerns that student enrollment in "outsider" courses, and in particular feminist courses, is on the decline in Canadian law schools, the authors explore patterns of course enrollment at seven Canadian law schools. Articulating a definition of "outsider" that describes those who are members of groups historically lacking power in society, or traditionally outside the realms of fashioning, teaching, and adjudicating the law, the authors document the results of quantitative and qualitative surveys conducted at their respective schools to argue that outsider pedagogy remains a critical component of legal education. The article situates the numerical survey results against both a critical review of the literature on outsider legal pedagogy and detailed explanations of student decision-making in elective courses drawn from student survey responses. Notwithstanding the diversity of the faculties surveyed, the authors conclude the article by highlighting some of the shared and significant findings of the research, paying attention to various identity-based, institutional, and external factors influencing critical course engagement in Canadian law schools today.

HelpOne of the nation's top political analysts, Stuart Rothenberg, dissects politics at the congressional and statewide levels.Big-Spending Outsiders Don't Connect With Voters By Stuart Rothenberg Primary voters across the country confirmed the conventional wisdom that big-spending political outsiders have lost their appeal to the voters. In both the California Senate and gubernatorial primaries, as well as in a Democratic congressional primary in New Jersey, wealthy, self-funding political hopefuls lost their bids. 041b061a72


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