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College Rules Are You Going To Bite It

A year after Education Secretary Margaret Spellings abandoned plans to propose new federal rules governing higher education accreditation, under heavy pressure from members of Congress, the Education Department is reportedly contemplating issuing such regulations when legislation to renew the Higher Education Act becomes law. That possibility is being met with astonishment by college leaders and many on Capitol Hill, who describe it as both practically difficult and politically foolhardy.

college rules Are you going to bite it

Last spring, in the face of strong opposition by several key U.S. senators, who (cheered by college leaders) argued that the department was overstepping its bounds, Spellings grudgingly agreed not to publish regulations to toughen the government's oversight of the activities of accrediting agencies, the product of contested negotiations among accreditors, college administrators and U.S. officials. In a June 2007 letter to Sen. Lamar Alexander, who had warned the department not to release new regulations until after Congress finished its work on legislation to renew the Higher Education Act, Spellings said she would not publish such rules "at this time as we work to finalize statutory language around accreditation issues."

So many college lobbyists were understandably gripped when word circulated in recent days that when Congress finally finishes its work on the Higher Education Act legislation (most have stopped saying "if," although after five full years, passage of the law still seems like it may never happen), the department would formally propose (possibly as a place holder for new rules that the Higher Education Act would mandate) the accreditation regulations that Spellings abandoned a year ago.

We will explore the rules surrounding emotional support animals on college campuses. We will also examine whether students have a right to bring an ESA on campus, and how they can properly qualify to become an emotional support animal owner.


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