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How to Use SCT Advantage III Without a Dongle

How to Use SCT Advantage III Without a Dongle

SCT Advantage III is a custom tuning software suite that supports most 1996 and newer Ford, GM, and DCX applications. It allows you to modify thousands of parameters such as spark, fuel, boost, torque management, and transmission tuning, etc. However, to run SCT Advantage III, you need a USB dongle that acts as a security device. What if you lose or damage your dongle? Is there a way to use SCT Advantage III without a dongle?

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In this article, we will explore some possible solutions to this problem. However, we do not endorse or recommend any illegal or unethical actions that may violate the terms and conditions of SCT Advantage III. Use these methods at your own risk.

Option 1: Buy a Replacement Dongle

The easiest and most legitimate way to use SCT Advantage III without a dongle is to buy a replacement dongle from Derive Systems, the company that owns SCT. According to their website[^1^], lost and damaged dongles can be replaced for $50. You just need to call and connect with their sales team to purchase a new dongle. This way, you can continue using SCT Advantage III without any hassle or worry.

Option 2: Crack the Dongle Requirement

Another option is to crack the dongle requirement of SCT Advantage III. This means bypassing or removing the code that checks for the presence of the dongle when you run the software. This is a more difficult and risky option, as it may require advanced skills in reverse engineering, hacking, or programming. It may also violate the intellectual property rights of Derive Systems and expose you to legal consequences.

There are some online forums where people have discussed this option[^2^] [^3^], but we could not find any reliable or working solution for this problem. Some people have suggested using software tools such as OllyDbg, IDA Pro, or SoftICE to debug and patch the executable file of SCT Advantage III. Others have suggested using software emulators such as HASP Emulator or Sentinel Emulator to simulate the dongle on your computer. However, these methods are not guaranteed to work and may cause damage to your computer or software.


SCT Advantage III is a powerful custom tuning software suite that requires a USB dongle to run. If you lose or damage your dongle, you have two options: buy a replacement dongle from Derive Systems for $50, or try to crack the dongle requirement using software tools or emulators. The first option is easier and safer, while the second option is harder and riskier. We recommend that you choose the option that suits your needs and preferences, but also respect the rights and interests of Derive Systems.

How to Install and Use SCT Advantage III

Once you have a dongle or a cracked version of SCT Advantage III, you can install and use the software on your computer. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the latest version of SCT Advantage III from the Derive Systems website. You will need to register and log in to access the download link.

  • Extract the zip file and run the setup.exe file. Follow the instructions on the screen to install SCT Advantage III on your computer.

  • Connect your dongle to a USB port on your computer. If you are using a cracked version, skip this step.

  • Launch SCT Advantage III from your desktop or start menu. You will see a splash screen and then the main window of the software.

  • Select the vehicle type and model that you want to tune from the drop-down menus. You can also use the search function to find your vehicle.

  • Click on the Open Stock File button to load the original calibration file of your vehicle. You can also use the Open Tune File button to load a custom tune file that you have previously saved or downloaded.

  • Use the tabs and menus to navigate through the different parameters and tables that you can modify. You can also use the Value Files feature to load or save preset values for common tuning changes.

  • When you are done with your modifications, click on the Save Tune File button to save your custom tune file. You can also use the Save As button to save it with a different name or location.

  • Connect your SCT device (such as X4, Livewire TS+, or BDX) to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure your device is updated and unlocked before proceeding.

  • Click on the Transfer File button to transfer your custom tune file to your SCT device. You can also use the Transfer Stock File button to transfer your original calibration file to your device.

  • Disconnect your SCT device from your computer and connect it to your vehicle's OBD-II port. Follow the instructions on the device's screen to load your custom tune file or restore your stock file.

  • Enjoy your tuned vehicle and its improved performance!

Note: These steps are for general guidance only. For more detailed and specific instructions, please refer to the user manual of SCT Advantage III and your SCT device. You can also contact Derive Systems' technical support team if you encounter any issues or have any questions. 0efd9a6b88


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