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Volvo FH 750 Forest Truck

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As Saku Simpanen drives deeper into the woods, the roads become so small and narrow that they have not even been given names. Some are as slippery as ice rinks. Dotted at regular intervals alongside the road are wooden towers for hunting elk. During winter, elk are a common sight in the region, but right now they remain hidden in the forest.

After 15 minutes of navigating twisting forest roads, Saku is close to his collection point. He is now so remote that the road back is not even shown on the map. As the Volvo FH16 draws to a stop at a crossroads, he places a warning triangle on the ground to tell others that there is a timber truck up ahead. This is vital, since the roads are so narrow that vehicles cannot give way or go around each other.

At a T-junction, Saku spreads a mixture of salt and sand. The Volvo FH16 climbs up a hill and down again on the other side to reach the turning point. He turns the truck around and pulls to a stop beside a steep pile of logs. He climbs out of the truck cab and into the crane cab, before lowering the support legs.

MIDWEST Plant of Brecon, South Wales, have put a new Volvo FH16-750 tractor unit into operation. The 6x4 vehicle is plated for 80-tonne operations and its purchase came after the rugged performance of a Volvo FH12, acquired as a used truck by the company in 2009.

His destination is the sawmill Bergs Timber in Mörlunda, about 150 kilometres from where he is now. As soon as he leaves the most difficult forest roads and comes out onto a paved country road, Knatte turns on the cruise control I-Cruise. He also activates the I-See fuel-saving programme that scans the road ahead of him and plans the driving to make it as fuel-efficient as possible.

On the occasions when he has to drive without a load, he always uses the Tandem Axle Lift feature to reduce fuel consumption. In the long run, it will have an impact since his seven trucks shuttle back and forth in 24-hour shifts.

The kit seen here recreates the FH16 that is marketed by Volvo, a renowned manufacture in the global commercial vehicle market. The FH Series includes a 750hp 16.1-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine FH16 Globetrotter 750 84 tow truck. 59ce067264


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